Top Eliminator

  • Delay Box permitted
  • 11.99 and quicker
  • IHRA Sportsman general rules in effect for the et you are running
  • 9.99 and quicker must have a valid IHRA license
  • 9.00 and quicker must have chassis certification
  • SNELL approved SN2005 or newer helmet mandatory
  • SFI 3.2A5 approved jacket for all full bodied entries 9.99 and quicker, SFI 3.3 neck collar for entries 8.49 and quicker.
  • Open bodied cars must have SFI 3.2A/5 jacket & pants SFI 3.3/5 gloves SFI 3.3 neck collar and 3.3 arm restraints
  • Roll cage mandatory on all entries quicker than 9.99 or faster than 135 mph
  • SFI 16.1 Seat belts within two years from date stamped on the SFI tag
  • SFI 4.1 Transmission shield mandatory on all automatic transmission running 11.50 or quicker
  • After market axles and axle retaining device mandatory on entries running 10.99 or quicker
  • Harmonic balancer with an SFI 18.1 mandatory on entries running 10.99 or quicker
  • SFI 29.1 flexplate and SFI 30.1 shield mandatory on all entries 10.99 and quicker
  • A minimum of 1 working taillight visible from 180 degrees mandatory

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