Street Eliminator

  • Open to all street legal vehicles running 12.00 or slower
  • Must have a complete exhaust system exiting behind the drivers door or out the tail of the car. Muffler required. Catalytic converter not required.
  • Street legal tires only. Dot approved drag tires ok.
  • Stock seat belts in good working condition ok . After market belts must be no older than 2 years after the date stamped on the sfi label.
  • No delay boxes
  • All IHRA¬† Sportsman general rules for the ET that you are running in effect
  • Radiator overflow catch can, 2 throttle return springs and a securely mounted battery ( no bungee cords ) required.
  • Convertibles must have roll bar extending at least 3 inches above the drivers head and be equipped w/ arm restraints
  • No motorcycles or atvs
  • SNELL SN2000 or newer helmet required

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