General Rules

  • All vehicles must be in sound mechanical condition and have the following
  • Seat Belt – stock type ok. for vehicles  w/o a roll bar
  • Dual Carburetor return springs – most stock systems ok.
  • Radiator overflow catch can – Stock type ok.
  • Battery must be securely mounted
  • Drive Shaft loop Required on any vehicle running drag slicks.
  • Helmet – a SNELL approved helmet with a M-90,M-95,M-2000.M-2005 or SA-90, SA-95, SA-2000, SA-2005 rating is required.  (A limited # of helmets are available at the track for rent. $10 each )
  • Nitrous Oxide ok. on all entries.- Bottle must have Blow off valve vented out of drivers compartment
  • Convertibles – A  Roll Bar extending above the drivers head is required.
  • IHRA rules are in effect for the E.T you are running
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