Auto Detailing… is it worth the price?

car detailing in orlando

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Although car detailing is a necessity, people in Orlando, Florida have differing opinions on the importance of car detailing. While some people view car detailing as an expensive car wash, other people view auto detailing as an important service. Regardless of someone’s opinion about car detailing, it is one of the most widely used luxury services in the United States. Throughout America, car detailing accounts for $10 billion on a yearly basis… wow! In Orlando, FL detailing is extremely popular due to the ownership of luxury vehicles. 

If you own an automobile, then you spend lots of time in your car. Unfortunately, some people spend hours in dirty cars each week. If your car is dirty, then it makes sense to hire a professional auto detailing service. After car detailing experts clean your car, you’ll enjoy the time spent in your vehicle more. Obviously, dirty automobiles are less enjoyable than clean cars.

As we mentioned earlier, car detailing is more than just getting your car cleaned. From the customer’s perspective, car detailing is about driving in comfort. Additionally, customers enjoy supporting a local business. When you work with an auto detailer, you are providing them with business. Typically, car detailing services work hard to find customers… so, you are greatly helping them when you hire them for detailing services.

Although we’ve discussed the importance of car detailing in Orlando, we must discuss the value car detailing provides. Is getting a car detail worth the price? Unless you are willing to detail your own car, purchase car detailing supplies, and learn car detailing techniques, then hiring an auto detail service is the best option. However, even if you decided to detail your own car, you’d still be spending more time and energy doing it yourself. At Orlando Mobile Detailing, they recommend hiring a professional to detail your car. 

Yes, professional car detailing is worth it. No, car detailing isn’t worth the price from an inexperienced detailer. Before you schedule a car detail, you should check the pricing. Typically, an average detail will cost $50-$200. However, some services like ceramic coating are more expensive. In addition to checking the price, you should check the reviews! After finding a reputable car detailing service, schedule a mobile car detail! If you’re in Orlando, then we recommend Orlando Car Detailing. We’ve used them a few times, and they’ve never let us down! They provide professional detailing at an exceptional price.

Welcome to the Wisconsin Int’l Raceway blog!

Racing in Wisconsin

Welcome to! Although we aren’t the official website of the Wisconsin International Raceway, we are huge supporters of the Raceway in Kaukauna, WI! We will introduce personal stories about the automotive industry, drag racing experiences, and facts about Wisconsin, USA. We specialize in reviewing automotive businesses throughout the USA, and we attempt to rate the quality of service into national databases throughout the country.

After review automotive businesses for years, we have become the experts at reviewing local businesses. We’ve spent weeks in Florida (Orlando & Tampa), Texas (Frisco, McKinney & Plano), and Wisconsin. We have proven strategies to ensure local businesses are truly providing the most value for their customers. For example, in Wisconsin we’ve rated a few car detailing services. We’ve put cameras in the car (while they detail) to ensure the detailing crews provide quality work.

We’ve been in the automotive industry for a long time, and we can spot a fraud when we see one. If we aren’t 100% satisfied, then we will make national news in the automotive industry regarding our issues. However, we do understand that we shouldn’t judge business owners. With that being said, we attempt to remain as objective as possible. Although we will continue fabricating issues for businesses we work with, we truly do respect the work they do!

We’ve introduced ourselves, so let’s talk about the Wisconsin Raceway! We’ve been to the Wisconsin International Raceway a handful of times, and problems always seem to arise. We understand that problems occur, but its how the Raceway handles the problems that makes all the difference in the world.

We have seen many reactions to the unexpected problems… For example, guests aren’t satisfied with the quality of food at the raceway. If the Raceway gets annoyed with the guests, then we’ll typically rate them poorly. Racing is supposed to be a family environment, and customer service should be extremely important!

Although these issues may be small, they may be large to the guests. If guests aren’t happy, then it is in WIR’s best interest to fix the problem! To the Wisconsin International Raceway’s credit, we’ve seen them handle some issues with absolute professionalism. When they apologize with deep concern about the noise of cars, they truly make a difference in their venue. The Raceway has only treated us with respect, and we’ve always enjoyed seeing the automobiles.

So, it is nice to meet you! We look forward to sharing our reviews on our blog (, and we hope you enjoy our stories. We will try to talk about Wisconsin, but please don’t be upset if we talk about our journey throughout the country! 🙂

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