Mobile Auto Detailing – Are Discounts Worth It?

Have you ever taken advantage of a bargain deal that you later regretted? Whether you’re buying shoes, clothes, gadgets, or mobile detailing services, you might have thought that making a discounted purchase is a bad idea through and through. However, some bargain offers in the market are exactly what they claim to be – a means for saving your money while without sacrificing quality or quantity.

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What’s a discount?

Mobile auto detailing experts know many car owners value their dollar, so they want to give the very best services despite the price cuts and free items. Here are some of the different types of discount offers you may encounter when dealing with mobile detailers:

  1. Quantity-based discount: your detailer may offer you a lower price if you avail of a certain detailing package, or have more than just one car serviced, or avail of the same services for a particular number of times. What it boils down to is that you should have accumulated a set quantity of orders that will qualify you for a discount.
  2. Special discount: detailers sometimes offer big discounts to corporate fleet accounts or to a special type of vehicle for a limited time.
  3. Payment-based discount: some detailers may also have a lower price for cash payments over credit ones. Prompt payment also saves the customer from balloon rates and from the hassle of meeting monthly amortizations.

You can also save money by sticking to just one trusted, reputable detailer. He may offer a comprehensive loyalty and rewards program that gives repeat customers an appreciably lower price or additional services for free. Having a lasting relationship with just one detailer will enable you to have a more intimate knowledge of how your antique car should be taken care of as its mileage increases.

Fake versus Genuine Discounts

Freebies and promos offer a great way to attract new customers during the off-peak season, but it can also be a good technique to keep old ones. It allows your business to grow even when job orders are few and far between. An entrepreneur should be transparent enough to offer discounts that really give the customer his money’s worth. Some people will buy anything that has “free” or “discounted” slapped across its label, but you have to be a little more discerning than that. The wrong kind of auto detailing services will ultimately affect your car’s looks and performance, so you have to make wise choices when making a purchase.

The next time you’re offered something that is packaged as a discount—whether by your auto detailer or a saleslady at your favorite makeup store – ask yourself whether you’re really getting a good bargain. These questions might help you find out if the discount is really worth grabbing:

  • Am I really paying less? Some discounts are only packaged as such, but if you break down your total expenses, you might be surprised that you actually spent the same amount of money. Calculate the items in your head to have a better idea of what you’re paying for.
  • Is the quality of the discounted service/item at par with the regular-priced one? Sure, the price cut is a hefty one, but you should insist on the same quality results as when you pay for a regular detailing job. Paying for less won’t make sense if you have to return the car to the auto shop for a repeat job almost immediately.
  • Are other people satisfied with the discount? Public opinion can tell you tons about whether or not a particular discounted service is worth your time and money. Ask people who have previously availed of the discount if they are happy with the results of the detailing job and the price rates.

You can be offered significantly lower prices for mobile auto detailing services, but it’s always best to check your choices carefully before handing over your money. Don’t be reeled in by the lower prices because there might be catches somewhere. As always, stay safe out there Wisconsin International Raceway family!

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