What to do after Car Detailing?

Thank you Tampa Bay Car Detailing! Although we’re sponsored by many automotive companies, Tampa Car Detail has gone above and beyond! They’ve written an auto detailing guide for us – What to do after Car Detailing! If we were in Florida, then Car Detailing Tampa Bay would be our first choice. They are professional, yet they maintain affordable pricing. Okay, let’s dive into their guide!

With auto detailing, the vehicle is gently but thoroughly polished and cleaned so it looks fantastic again. Depending on the needs of the vehicle, it can involve cleaning and sometimes repainting the inside and outside of the vehicle. It can also help clean and restore damaged parts of the car, like the engine compartment, the undercarriage, and other parts that may be damaged through regular use. Read through this article to learn more about auto detailing and why it’s something you’ll want to have done to make sure your vehicle looks amazing. If you’re racing at Wisconsin International Raceway, then you’ll want to keep your car in excellent condition.

Auto detailing isn’t really a one-time service. It’s an ongoing set of procedures and processes done to help keep a vehicle in fantastic working condition. This helps with not only the look of the vehicle but the safety of it as well. While some drivers will find detailing to be a tedious activity, others may enjoy it and like spending spare time working on cleaning their vehicle.

Before talking about why people enjoy auto detailing, it’s vital to know how it all works. At Car Detailing Tampa Bay FL, we take car detailing very seriously. When a car is driven, every part needs to work together. If a part breaks down or starts to wear out, the vehicle can stop working and can possibly lead to an accident. Detailing the vehicle can make it more efficient, on top of keeping it clean, and can help you spot issues before they become worse. There are a few steps to take when a car needs to be detailed.

Before detailing, it’s a good idea to know the different aspects of a vehicle and how everything works together to keep the vehicle running. After a driver knows what the various types of tasks are, they can pick what they want to do for their vehicle to keep it looking and driving great.

Basic Detailing Tasks – Basic auto detailing involves washing the inside and outside of the vehicle. After the car is washed, it should be polished. Always test the polish on cardboard first to make sure it will provide a smooth finish. It’s also a good idea to use a primer before polishing. The primer helps to make sure the paint is completely dry before the polishing dries on the surface of the vehicle, so it stays longer.

Body Work – After the initial polish is done, an additional layer of polish can be added to the body of the vehicle to help remove any streaks, scratches, or chips that may be on the vehicle. After polishing, clean it off carefully. While doing this, be careful to use minimal pressure at all times. The body of the vehicle shows the most wear, so lower pressure can help prevent scratches and other types of damage.

Adding Auto Polish – After the bodywork has been polished and any streaks or scratches are removed, another thin layer of polish can be added. It is possible to apply two coats of polish during this step if needed. The polish should be applied using a brush or applicator tool for the smoothest finish.

Add a Glossy Finish – A glossy, shiny finish is achieved by adding another coat of polish, which is sometimes done by using a spray bottle. After this, buff the surface of the vehicle which can help to improve the finish and make it look glossier. Especially in Tampa Bay, a glossy finish is a necessity.

Improving the Shine – Sometimes, you may want a finish that’s glossier than the original finish. This can be achieved by using a high-quality automotive wax. The wax helps protect the vehicle from the elements. Apply multiple thin layers of wax to create a thicker layer that will provide more protection for the vehicle.

Final Polishing Step – Once all of the above steps are done, use a soft rag or a microfiber cloth to polish the vehicle one more time. This helps restore the original shine and gives the vehicle a high-gloss appearance.

After these steps are done, the vehicle will look like new again. It’s also possible to do other things, like polish the vehicle with an enamel pain, to help make it look like it was restored recently. The end result is a vehicle that looks like it was just restored, has a high-gloss finish, and is as shiny as possible. You’ll love the way the vehicle looks when the auto detailing steps are done.

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